Luxurious Benefits

Ownership at Villa La Estancia is the perfect blend of beachfront second home ownership with luxury 5-star privileges for resort-style living, where creating lifelong memories become part of everyday.

Imagine a hassle free real estate investment that allows you to relax while we take care of the responsibilities of second home management on your behalf. You can be sure that your property is safe and secure, prepared to the utmost standards for you, your family and guests whenever you wish to return year after year to your home by the sea.

Own your share in one of the world's best private resort properties.


Villa La Estancia offers two types of deeded real estate: Full or Fractional. Each owner will be issued with an individual secured deed for their property or fraction enjoying from a range of Two and Three Bedroom Villas and Penthouses for purchase in Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit.

In addition to the benefits of full ownership, we also offer fractional real estate, which is a more affordable option for people to own a luxury second home in the sun. Being able to choose between a 1/4 Fraction (13 weeks) or 1/8 Fraction (6 weeks) that is yours for a lifetime and beyond, fractional ownership is a beautifully simple concept: enjoy the benefits of glamorous real estate ownership without the full commitment.

Developer financing is also available for a limited time and can help you get your desired villa and investment with ease.

Find out what type of ownership fits you best.

Fractional Ownership

What is it?

The concept is very simple. We bring together eligible luxury property seekers to co-own a second home just as people have done for decades with other high end products like private jets and yachts.

Fractional ownership at Villa La Estancia is the shared ownership of a villa with "partner" owners who stay at their home at different times of the year. Villas in this program are divided into fractions of 1/4 (13 weeks) or 1/8 (6 weeks) per year, for life.

You get the same beautiful villa, the same amenities, the same privileges and the same great lifestyle as if you owned a villa outright, but for a fraction of the price.

Fractional ownership is the perfect real estate investment for families, retirees, young couples, snowbirds, and other seasonal residents, allowing you to purchase as much real estate as you like in the home of your dreams.

Fractional ownership with other co-owners is a luxurious yet affordable choice when looking for your dream home by the sea.

More on fractions

Fractional ownership at Villa La Estancia is for the buyer who is looking for titled real estate rather than timeshare or vacation club memberships, allowing you to acquire a fee-simple, deeded equity interest in a property that is recognized by the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the Mexican Association of Realtors (AMPI) which is the equivalent to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in the United States.

Deeded fractional ownership is sometimes confused with timeshare or other programs that use the term “fractional” to describe their products which provide a right-to-use contract rather than an interest in real estate.

As a fractional owner at Villa La Estancia, you will receive a fractional interest in a specific villa. This means you will own real equitable property, that can appreciate over time not just a right-to-use contract. As the property appreciates in value, so does each individually deeded fraction, and owners can sell their individual fraction whenever they choose and even bequeath it in a will.

To keep the property running smoothly, fractional villas are professionally managed and maintained by the Villa La Estancia management company, the cost of which is included in your HOA dues.

Fractional vs Full Ownership

2nd Home Ownership Comparison Fractional Ownership Full Ownership
Owners 4 or 8 1
Guaranteed Access Days 42 - 90 365
Availability By reservation Any time
Extended Vacations Yes Yes
Weekend Getaways Yes Yes
Last Minute Requests Yes Yes
Deeded Ownership Yes Yes
Mortgage Financing Yes Yes
Tax Benefits Yes Yes

How the schedule works

Owners are given the usage schedule for the villa at the time of purchase. Usage assignments automatically rotate every year so you know in advance how to plan your return visits.

Owners are free to keep their assigned spot or exchange dates with other owners at their convenience. Owners may also choose to exchange with other resorts in our Trade Program.

Cost effective

Villa La Estancia fractional ownership offers a sensible and economical approach towards owning a second home in a luxurious beachfront resort property in Cabo San Lucas or Rivera Nayarit.

Rental income

Upon request, Villa La Estancia can administer the rental of your fully or fractionally owned villa for the occasions when you are not using it. Generated income from the rental of your villa can be used towards paying your maintenance dues and taxes or any other way you choose.

Fee simple real estate

You enjoy all the rights and privileges that come with owning real estate. That is, you can sell your fully owned villa or fraction at any time at any price, bequeath it to your heirs, rent it, allow friends to use it, invite guests to share it. Best of all, you get to share memorable experiences and enjoyment with your loved ones.

Upgrade options for fractional ownership

Fractional owners can upgrade to a higher fraction, larger villa or to full ownership at any time within the available developer inventory. Villa La Estancia will take back your fraction, crediting you with 100% of your original purchase price towards your upgrade, minus the tax and transaction fee previously paid.

Great investment

The perfect trifecta: a lifetime of personal enjoyment for you and your family, an equity investment and rental income potential all in one. Just like any real estate, your fully owned villa or fraction can appreciate in value, you can rent it out as you wish and choose at your convenience when you want to leisurely indulge and spoil yourself at your very own home by the sea.

Premium Services

Yearly H.O.A. dues contribute towards your enjoyment, leisure and ownership satisfaction with your home by the sea.

  • Gym membership
  • Spa membership
  • Tennis club membership
  • Concierge services
  • Platinum Card and travel privileges (optional)
  • Air conditioning
  • TV Cable/Satellite service
  • Wireless Internet
  • Telephone service
  • Maid service (optional)
  • Hot water
  • Water purification system
  • Reserve funds for inside and outside repairs
  • 24-hour security

In addition, Fractional Ownership maintenance fees also include the following:

  • Home owner's insurance
  • Furniture replacement package
  • Property taxes
  • Maid service (optional for full owners)
  • All utilities
  • Platinum Card discounts and travel privileges

Trading Opportunities

Welcome to Platinum Concierge

The Platinum Concierge service is a high touch Concierge membership that combines reservations services with a complete year-round personalized pre-arrival concierge program.

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Member Benefits

Your Platinum Concierge membership allows you an enhanced level of ownership by offering a wider range of services at special rates.

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Our Destinations

Our portfolio is growing daily to include mountain, beach and desert resorts. The properties are varied but all within the upscale community that Platinum Concierge owners deserve.

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3rd Home Trade

3rd Home is an exclusive reciprocal club for luxury vacation homeowners. Their premise is simple - by being a member, your second home now gives you access to a whole host of others around the world without paying rental rates for the pleasure.

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Additional privileges

Platinum Concierge Membership is not simply a trade program. We make reservations for owners, help with MF and Loan payments, manage the annual selections for fractional owners each year, assist owners with concierge services including ground transportation, airline bookings, and all other concierge requests.

Additional privileges include: free medical evacuation insurance, preferential rates on cruises, airfares, airport pickups, baby sitting, laundry, restaurants, shops and business conference setup.

Explore plenty of luxury residences through our exclusive owners trade program.